Ever since officially joining the workforce in my twenties I have been focused on becoming a multi-millionaire.  I have come a long way in that journey, though I cannot take full credit by any means.  My net worth is a culmination of several generations of wealth accumulated by my family as well as my own success.  Through family resources my undergraduate and law school educations were paid for, the vehicles I drive were paid off, and the down payment on my home was paid for.  This has allowed me to enter the world as an adult on stable financial ground with no debt.

I fully understand that not many have been as fortunate as I have been to have these financial circumstances, however many who have been fortunate enough have squandared the gift they had been given.  I intend to take that gift and multiply it.

As you follow this journey of mine, you will see I am very conservative with my goals, but they are completely realistic and designed to grow my net worth month after month, year after year.  I hope to leave this world having accumulated between five to ten million dollars in assets.

Some of you reading this may not agree with the financial decisions I make, others will, but only time will tell whether those decisions will bring me to the desired result.

For those of you wondering more about my background, I'm an attorney working as in-house counsel for a fortune five hundred company and I currently live on Long Island, New York.

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