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Net Worth Update: December 2016 = $313,354.76 [Gain: $27,697.62]

Friday, December 9, 2016 1:44 PM

Below is the current month's net worth breakdown.  I have no credit card debt, education loans, or automobile loans.  Check account totals are not included in my net worth assessment. The market value of my primary residence is tracked by Zillow and my automobiles by Kelly Blue Book.


From May 2016 to December 2016 I've had a significant gain in net worth.  This was a result of increases in the Zillow market value of my primary residence and increases in my investments as well as paying down my mortgage.

CURRENT TOTAL NET WORTH: $313,354.76 [Gain: $27,697.62]

TOTAL ASSETS: $532,869.81

Cash Assets: $726.78
Money Market (Emergency Fund): $726.78

Investments: $62,570.03
Mutual Funds: $27,148.88
401k: $33,793.13
Stocks & ETFs: $1,628.02

Physical Assets: $469,573.00
Market Value of Primary Residence: $464,183.00
Combined Value of Automobiles: $5,390.00


Mortgage Remaining $219,515.05

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